Bowden Event Center

Keller, Texas

Event Center

The Bowden Event Center was borne of the desire by local philanthropists, Don and Linda Bowden, to create a facility that would benefit their beloved community of Keller, Texas for years to come. The city, school district and civic organizations such as the Greater Keller Women’s Club needed meeting spaces and a venue that could accommodate more than 250 participants. The growing community of Keller had to go outside its borders to hold such events of that size. The members of the Greater Keller Women’s Club created a foundation and most of the funds were donated by the Bowden family to make this dream a reality. Mr. Bowden was referred to Jacobs & Associates who worked with Don to develop the program, the building and interior design, and furniture selection.  All aspects of the project from site work to the nails in the wall for the artwork were handled by Jacobs & Associates.

Client: Bowden

Location:  Keller, TX

Area:  28,000 sq.f.

Completion date:  2017

Sadly, Mrs. Bowden passed away unexpectedly before she could she the completion of the project she conceived. The entire design and construction team worked diligently to realize her vision down to the last detail.

The project, from inception through construction, spanned over 3 years with completion realized in 2017. The chapel totaled 6,600 SQFT and the event center provided 28,000 SQFT of space. The entire project cost 13.5 million dollars.


The interior design achieves the following goals: 

  • Provide the community with flexible spaces that hosts up to 500 people

  • Create a destination wedding chapel and reception facility that captures views and vistas of the wooded site and water feature

  • Incorporate a full-service kitchen

  • Include a permanent space for the Greater Keller Women’s Club

  • Utilize a classic design vocabulary with a neutral pallet that accentuates the myriad of event themes and colors

  • Subtly weave a “rose” motif into the design, which has personal significance to the Bowdens and to the Greater Keller Women’s club
    The final product resulted in a complex that exceeds the owner’s expectations and is deemed successful as it is in high demand.  The Bowden Event Center is not only being used by the local community, but by other nearby cities and school districts as well.


701 CANYON DR, STE 110